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Singapore plumber that saved the day

Was over in Singapore for a holiday recently and this trip kind of hit me in a different way. See i seldom make any post of mine sticky but decided that this is a must for my readers.

What happened was that while staying over at my friends place, somehow we got into a sticky and smelly issue. The toiletbowl started over flowing. The worst part was there was a sofa that the couple i was staying with had justĀ  bought and somehow the clog was that bad that it was reaching the sofa.

We called a plumber from and boy was i glad that they arrived withing 30 minutes of the call. Any later and i can say that all the furniture in the home has to be changed.

Needless to say the cost of clearing the mess was more than $100 but still i imagine it wont be cheap for someone to walk in ankle filled waste water. The best part was that they actually helped clear up the mess after the choke was solved. Simply awesome work from the Singapore plumbers from (i have worked with a few plumbers before and honestly i am impressed by their work or maybe is it all Singapore plumbers are that good?)

Anyway on the down side is the search result we got from google. Frankly most of the plumbing websites there only have their mobile number listed. Nothing against that but i would have preferred to deal with a plumbing company that has their office number listed so that i know for sure that they are a official company. Glad the mobile number we called gave us a good job thou.

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