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Diesel car on a rise in Singapore

Yes indeed diesel cars are gaining momentum with top end brands such as Jaguar, BMW etc all releasing their diesel models this year. 

Close to me i have seen several friends switching from petrol to diesel powered car in the last few month. 

The cheaper fuel (both in petrol pricing and consumption) and yet higher torque is something that diesel cars can boast about. However, i am still worried about the technical aspect as such cars are new to the market. Diesel powered cars uses different spare parts from petrol and are configured differently. 

For most car workshop, they have been dealing with petrol cars for the last few decades. With diesel they have probably only done heavy vehicle and van which is a long shot from a BMW diesel car. As such there is still some caution needed when considering a change.

SINGAPORE – It is hard to talk about diesel cars without bringing up “Diesel-gate”, that incident in which Volkswagen decided to fudge the results of its diesel emissions tests. Even though just a handful of Volkswagen owners in Singapore were affected,… Credits: Making a case for diesel cars

COE for commercial vehicle at 6 year low

Been thinking of buying a commercial vehicles since the COE is on a down for that category. Still wondering if it would fall lower?

Well i hope so. Nissan Nevera seems like a really cool vehicle to drive.

SINGAPORE – Certificate of Entitlement (COE) premiums stayed largely unchanged at the close of the latest bidding exercise on Thursday (May 11). Despite a larger supply of COEs, prices of COEs for commercial vehicles only dipped slightly to S$26,029, down 1.9… Credits: COE prices closed mixed in latest bidding exercise

Warren buffet and Obama speaks up on trumpcare

Well when obama speaks, we can shoot down his suggestion as him trying to protect his legacy.

If one of your country smartest and richest guys comes out and says that the new bill is only going to benefit people like him i think you better wise up and listen. There ought to be some form of truth. I do not live in America but from the outside, you can see and feel how they are moving for the elites only. 

Do hope the middle class would start waking up soon to realize whats happening.

BOSTON – Former U.S. President Barack Obama expressed his “fervent hope” on Sunday that members of Congress would look beyond party lines when considering the future of the country's healthcare system. The Democrat's remarks at a ceremony in… Credits: Obama voices 'fervent hope' Congress will tread carefully on healthcare

Also with regards to buffet asking for obama care to be scrap or being against here is your answer:

China Feb Growth and Asia Factory activity increase activity

Just a few months back everyone was worried on how trump election would affect the global economy. Being a country that is relies heavily on the surronding economical atmosphere, here in Singapore, we are especially worried. 

However base on recent reports, it does seem that the global economy is not as relient as it seems on the United States. China does seem to be able to carry out and cover the hole if any that could occur.

Asian factories extended a global manufacturing revival as activity picked up steam in February, though the outlook for many of the region's export-reliant economies remained uncertain in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump's protectionist stance. Credits: Asian factories pick up steam in shadow of Trump protectionist threat

– China's factory activity expanded for the eighth straight month in February as export orders picked up, a private survey showed on Wednesday, giving authorities more room to tackle financial risks in the economy as debt continues to rise. Credits: China February factory growth faster than expected as exports rebound: Caixin PMI

Private Property Sale Increased in Singapore

Suprising considering the fact that the many people whom i have spoken too has been complaining about how sluggish the economy has been. 

Still i guess it is a good sign for the property market to begin picking up while i am also hoping it is not a calm before the storm

SINGAPORE – The private residential property market has continued its momentum into the new year, in a further sign that the market is on the mend. Sales rose 17.6 per cent last month compared with the same period in 2016, with developers selling 381 units… Credits: New private home sales continue to rise

Money laundering A Crime that pays in Singapore?

I wonder what the final punishment will be?

The previous sentence for the previous banker, Mr Yak was 18 month in jail and $24k fine which makes one wonder does crime really not pay considering they pocketed near to $24 million Singapore Dollers.

The profit vs the risk is really worth it i must say. Which is why i am really hoping that the punishment will be higher.

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – A Singapore court found a former wealth manager of Swiss bank BSI guilty of four charges on Wednesday in a case linked to a money-laundering investigation involving Malaysian fund 1MDB, the third BSI banker convicted in the city state this year.


Trump leading the election

This is pretty crazy. We never thought that this would be possible but it does seem to be happening.

Any rational person can see how there is no logic behind trump campaign and how all we hear from him is promises which does not seem to be achievable. 

Perhaps after such long stability from obama for the last 8 year has lead to compleancy from many not knowing the backlash that could happen.

After brexit i wonder what is going to happen. Looks like the market would continue to be more volitile while things continue.


U.S. stock index futures tumbled on Tuesday as the path to victory for market favorite Hillary Clinton narrowed after Ohio was called for Republican Donald Trump, putting him on a stronger course to win the U.S. presidential election. Credits: Futures tumble as Trump opens path to White House


Singapore Vs Hongkong property price

I must agree with the following article. If there is one thing that i have to say the local goverment has done well is how they have provided quality housing while ensuring the housing bubble is not over inflated. 

Yes there are more foreign talent now than before and they have been contributing to the rise in the prices.

Yes price of flats are not as affordable as what they used to be.

Yes owning a flat does not equate to “sure profit” in the future anymore.

Still the price of inflation is still better in comparison to hongkong while Singapore is actually more land tied than their counter parts.


SINGAPORE – On the surface, the property markets in Singapore and Hong Kong have much in common. The two Asian financial hubs have both moved to rein in runaway home prices in recent years as they sought to make housing more affordable. Yet, consider how home… Credits: Singapore crushing Hong Kong in race to bring down home prices

Slow down of economy in Singapore

Yes this is some thing that we can feel on the ground. Business has been slowing down to a trickle, less than half of what it used to be and this is feedbacks from several business owner from different industry such as F&B, Services industry, retails and more.

The problem is that the slow down has started since after the Chinese New Year, which means it has been more than 6 months since the slow down has begun.

I doubt the goverment has no knowledge about this seeing how govt. assisted loan has been hitting the market for SME owners. 

How bad will things be this time round? We can only wait and see.

SINGAPORE – Companies in Singapore were the most pessimistic among their Asian peers in the third quarter, a Thomson Reuters/Insead survey revealed yesterday, as concerns over slowing economic growth, weak global demand, manpower shortage and a flagging oil… Credits: S’pore business sentiment crumbles amid domestic, global concerns

Indoor Greenery. Natural homes.


I think this is a useful article for home owners in Singapore considering how most of us are living in a flat. Maybe tree's are too much but still you can steal a few ideas here and there to implement into your home easily.
Trees are nature’s perfect architecture. Besides being beautiful, they provide shade and shelter, and change with the seasons. Hanging out in treehouses in childhood was perhaps our way of getting close to these perfect living structures. Lucky for us, we can keep trees close to home even as grown-ups….

 Credits: How to Use Trees Inside (11 photos)