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Diesel car on a rise in Singapore

Yes indeed diesel cars are gaining momentum with top end brands such as Jaguar, BMW etc all releasing their diesel models this year. 

Close to me i have seen several friends switching from petrol to diesel powered car in the last few month. 

The cheaper fuel (both in petrol pricing and consumption) and yet higher torque is something that diesel cars can boast about. However, i am still worried about the technical aspect as such cars are new to the market. Diesel powered cars uses different spare parts from petrol and are configured differently. 

For most car workshop, they have been dealing with petrol cars for the last few decades. With diesel they have probably only done heavy vehicle and van which is a long shot from a BMW diesel car. As such there is still some caution needed when considering a change.

SINGAPORE – It is hard to talk about diesel cars without bringing up “Diesel-gate”, that incident in which Volkswagen decided to fudge the results of its diesel emissions tests. Even though just a handful of Volkswagen owners in Singapore were affected,… Credits: Making a case for diesel cars

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