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Warren buffet and Obama speaks up on trumpcare

Well when obama speaks, we can shoot down his suggestion as him trying to protect his legacy.

If one of your country smartest and richest guys comes out and says that the new bill is only going to benefit people like him i think you better wise up and listen. There ought to be some form of truth. I do not live in America but from the outside, you can see and feel how they are moving for the elites only. 

Do hope the middle class would start waking up soon to realize whats happening.

BOSTON – Former U.S. President Barack Obama expressed his “fervent hope” on Sunday that members of Congress would look beyond party lines when considering the future of the country's healthcare system. The Democrat's remarks at a ceremony in… Credits: Obama voices 'fervent hope' Congress will tread carefully on healthcare

Also with regards to buffet asking for obama care to be scrap or being against here is your answer:

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