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Singapore Vs Hongkong property price

I must agree with the following article. If there is one thing that i have to say the local goverment has done well is how they have provided quality housing while ensuring the housing bubble is not over inflated. 

Yes there are more foreign talent now than before and they have been contributing to the rise in the prices.

Yes price of flats are not as affordable as what they used to be.

Yes owning a flat does not equate to “sure profit” in the future anymore.

Still the price of inflation is still better in comparison to hongkong while Singapore is actually more land tied than their counter parts.


SINGAPORE – On the surface, the property markets in Singapore and Hong Kong have much in common. The two Asian financial hubs have both moved to rein in runaway home prices in recent years as they sought to make housing more affordable. Yet, consider how home… Credits: Singapore crushing Hong Kong in race to bring down home prices